Our Certificates

EN 388

EN 388:2016+A1:2018: Indicates the European standard for Protective Gloves against Mechanical Risks and there are 5 digits underneath the pictogram; Abrasion resistance (0-4), Blade cut resistance (0-5), Tear resistance (0-4), Puncture resistance (0-4), Straight blade cut resistance (TDM) (A-F).

EN ISO 21420

Indicates the general requirements for glove design and construction, innocuousness, comfort, and efficiency, marking, and information applicable to all protective gloves. Each Glove is marked with the size of the glove in accordance with EN ISO 21420:2020.

EN 407

Indicates the European standard for Protective Gloves against Thermal Risks and a series of 6 performance levels indicated underneath the pictogram; Burning Behaviour (1-4), Contact Heat (1-4), Convective Heat (1-4), Radiant Heat (1-4), Small Splashes of Molten Metal (1-4), Small Quantities of Molten Metal (1-4).


Designates compliance with European Legislation. The CE mark makes a statement to consumers, safety professionals, and purchasers that the product meets industry and consumer PPE requirements of European Regulation 2016/425/EU.


Short for PPE Category rating, is a way to quickly identify the level of protection. Gloves designated for specific risk applications, where there is a risk of injury are type tested against European test standards by a notified body. This category of gloves are intended to protect the user from injuries that are classified as intermediate risk.


Sanitized has hygiene function to protect gloves and the users’ hands from the formation of bacteria, fungi and algae, reduces dust mites and odors, and provides long-lasting material protection.